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Dropsend sold, Guardian blogs

A very exciting time for Loft and our old friends at Carsonified. We can confirm that DropSend has been acquired by Webminds, Inc, in the US, for an undisclosed sum.

DropSend is a web app for sending large files – up to 1GB – which Loft owner Nick Nettleton built for Carsonified during 2005 and 2006. It was an immediate success, winning praise and great reviews, as well as turning a profit, from day one. Ry Carson sold the application so he could focus on the core, expanding areas of his business – primarily events.

Loft has been in touch with the new owner, and we hope to continue to be involved in the project, which is close to our hearts – being one of the first global-scale applications built on our Matchbox platform, and a powerful test case for how it performs under pressure.

TechCrunch and the Guardian have both reported the deal, which was completed after a year in the workings. TechCrunch’s coverage was as insightful as the latter’s was bizarrely snippy.

Others working on the project with us included Ryan Shelton, now Design Director at Mutado, on design, and Stuart Homfray (Stuart, where are you?) on HTML. Well done guys!

Read the announcement at Carsonified »
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