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LiveChart – dynamic charts for web apps

Web app interfaces are great, but few in the industry have got to grips with charts and graphs. All those rows and columns are so much more meaningful when you can bring out the salient points in just a couple of charts. And the web, with its dynamic, easy-flow-of-info nature, should be a natural home for this.

There are a few good web charting kits out there, but none of them have really hit the nail on the head for us in terms of automation, intelligence and pure visual splendour. So guess what? We wrote our own, and we’ve named it LiveChart.

It’s not perfect yet – call it an alpha/beta – but it’s up and running on couple of our key client applications at the moment, and it’s doing just great. Here’s a summary of the features:

  • Deliver your live data in a trivially easy XML feed format
  • A couple of lines of JavaScripts to load the library and connect it with the feed
  • Charts look great out-of-the-box, or customise to your delight with XML tags
  • Add links and tooltips to different parts of the chart
  • Bars, scatters, poles, rings, pies, trends and more
  • Extremely lightweight – only 15k
  • Easy on your server

We have plans to release for general use – subscribe for updates.

LiveChart example