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Myriad integration for Matchbox

Myriad is one of the top systems for publishers to manage their subscribers, advertising and related data. It’s used by national newspapers, as well as many small and medium-sized publishers.

Matchbox is a high-end platform for managing your internet business, including ecommerce, content management and reporting tools, and is used by most of loft’s clients.

We’ve just completed a full ecommerce and user profile integration between Matchbox and Myriad.

  • Users can subscribe and renew their subscriptions online, with Matchbox handling the ecommerce and order details being sent instantly to Myriad.
  • Subscribers entered separately into Myriad are automatically given online accounts with access to subscriber-only features on Panacea’s various web properties.
  • Users can sign in and manage their subscriptions online – for example, to change their delivery address – with details being automatically transferred into Myriad.
  • Online user accounts are cross-referenced with Myriad subscriber records, so publishers can build a richer picture of who these people are and what they are interested in.

If you use Myriad or a similar system, let’s chat about offering your audience a seamless online experience.

Meanwhile, this is the third large-scale integration we’ve completed in the last couple of months. They’re always tricky, but we seem to be getting rather good at them!

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