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Online hire agreements for Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme enables you to buy a bike through your employer completely tax free, under a government scheme, saving many people about half the cost. Most spread the cost of the purchase over year, coming direct out of their pay packet, under a hire-purchase arrangement. This has been fairly labour-intensive to organise, as all the HP contracts need to be personalised, printed, sent out, tracked until return, recorded, and then archived, before bike vouchers can be issued.

However, working with a team of lawyers and accounts, we have now enabled the whole process to completed online within minutes. Recipients sign and agree to their contract online, following which the various counter signatories receive an email notification to approve and sign (or decline) the contract, and vouchers can be issued immediately. This is the latest step in our strategy to automate all of Cyclescheme’s business processes end-to-end, including sales, distribution, accounts and customer support.

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