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Single login for Panacea users

Don’t you just love the way your Google login works across all their websites and applications? It saves so much time and effort.

We’ve been working on just the same thing for Panacea Publishing – a single, central, personal profile for each user, which they can use to sign in to any of Panacea’s websites, and they can easily update across the board. It has been tricky to implement, but there are compelling business benefits…

  • Sign and registration are real barriers for customers. By simplifying the process, we can see a dramatic increase in customer engagement.
  • Each site can now be responsive in real-time to actions you’ve undertaken on other websites. For example, if you subscribe to a publication on the subscriptions website, you have instant access to subscriber-only areas on other sites.
  • User data and privacy can now be managed centrally, saving a great deal administration time, while local site managers still have access only to data for those users that have engaged on their site.
  • We can build a much richer picture of the groups of users that across the different websites, and the sort of things they are interested in.

We’ll be making this a built-in feature of our Matchbox platform, which most of our clients use to manage their websites and general online business. If you’d like something similar, please get in touch for an informal chat.