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Computingscheme: latest tech with tax savings

Brand new online service and business app for UK government Benefit in Kind scheme.

Hot on the heels of our Childcarescheme launch earlier this year, we have just launched another brand new online service and application for our client, Cyclescheme, who we have helped to become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies over the last five years.

This new service enables people to make tax savings and spread the cost of buying computers and related kit online, as an employee benefit under the UK government’s Benefits in Kind programme.

The project adapts the light-touch, fully-automated, self-service approach to employee benefits that we have devised for Cyclescheme over the last few years, and applies this to a traditional commerce model. Employees can shop through the site for the products they want in the normal way, but their final order is processed through their employer and payroll, rather through a card payment.

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Hello, Lead

We’ve just been appointed to work on a brand new project for LEAD, a Rockerfeller Foundation initiative to educate and inspire leaders in sustainable development… Read More »Hello, Lead

Great socks for runners, by runners

High-end ecommerce, social strategy and website for this upcoming sportswear brand.

This month we are particularly excited to announce our launch of, a thoroughly modern, social, high-end ecommerce strategy and website for this upcoming sportswear brand.

RunBreeze is owned by two fanatical runners, and their business is to design, manufacture and sell stylish, practical gear for other serious runners. The market is dominated by just a couple of – day we say it – dowdy big players, whose digital strategies are firmly rooted in the early 2000s.

So we decided early on to help RunBreeze make their mark as a start-up with a smart, interactive and highly social brand model that champions the founders and their relentless enthusiasm alongside the technical nitty-gritty and production quality of their products.

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iGo Gift Vouchers launched

Brand new platform and website to promote, issue and process digital gift vouchers for sports kit

Last week we launched iGo Gift Vouchers – an exciting new website and platform for our colleagues at Cyclescheme.

Cyclescheme has become widely known over the last couple of years as the UK’s leading provider of tax-free bikes under the government’s Cycle to Work intiative. In December 2009 the company was rated as the UK’s fastest growing, by the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, and in May 2010 they won a Smarta 100 award. Loft has been deeply involved in helping the company achieve this success, providing bespoke technology, business automation and strategic direction that enabled them to grow from £0.3 to £22 million between 2006 and 2008.

iGo is a new offering from Cyclescheme that enables people to buy gift vouchers online, which then be can spent at any of 1,600 independent bike stores around the country.

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