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Employee benefits

Cyclescheme: 500,000 new bikes on the road

We create the technology that has helped Cyclescheme become a FastTrack 100 winner, a Smarta 100 winner, and cycling industry leader.

The challenge

Cyclescheme had a concept to enable independent bike stores to facilitate a growing commuter trend to cycle to work with government funded support. Cyclescheme needed a previously non-existent comprehensive technology system to enable employees to get a bike tax-free, saving on average about half the cost through an easy to administer online service. The service had to tie in with the government’s green travel plan and conform to the requirements of the HMRC, OFT and DfT, providing Hire Agreements for employees and a secure system for Certificate processing.

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Computingscheme: latest tech with tax savings

Brand new online service and business app for UK government Benefit in Kind scheme.

Hot on the heels of our Childcarescheme launch earlier this year, we have just launched another brand new online service and application for our client, Cyclescheme, who we have helped to become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies over the last five years.

This new service enables people to make tax savings and spread the cost of buying computers and related kit online, as an employee benefit under the UK government’s Benefits in Kind programme.

The project adapts the light-touch, fully-automated, self-service approach to employee benefits that we have devised for Cyclescheme over the last few years, and applies this to a traditional commerce model. Employees can shop through the site for the products they want in the normal way, but their final order is processed through their employer and payroll, rather through a card payment.

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Case study: Cyclescheme

End-to-end digital business strategy and technology for this Sunday Times Fast Track 100 winner.

The client

Cyclescheme is the UK’s largest provider of bikes under the UK government’s Cycle to Work initiative. It also comprises the nation’s single largest network of bike shops, in 2009 it was the UK’s fastest growing company in Sunday Times Fast Track 100 league, and it continues to evolve rapidly as a business.

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Childcarescheme: a big app for tax savings

New online service and web apps for SMEs to offer easy-to-use, tax-saving childcare scheme.

We’ve just launched a brand new platform and online service for our long-standing client, Cyclescheme, who we have helped to become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies over the last five years.

Our new platform adapts the light-touch, fully-automated, self-service approach to employee benefits that we have devised with Cyclescheme over the last few years, for the childcare sector. This sector is thought to be worth about £5.5bn a year in total, rising to perhaps £7.2bn by 2015, and currently saves parents about £200 million a year.


The project brings together ideas, design, systems and technology we have already created for the company, with technology and business processes from the Grass Roots Group’s market-leading care-4 programme, to enable SMEs to easily get a childcare benefits programme in place for their staff.

We have also created an elegant website to promote the service, an application for employers to register and operate a scheme, and an another application for employees to manage their savings and payments.

Take look (or register your interest) at

Childcarescheme savings calculator

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iGo Gift Vouchers launched

Brand new platform and website to promote, issue and process digital gift vouchers for sports kit

Last week we launched iGo Gift Vouchers – an exciting new website and platform for our colleagues at Cyclescheme.

Cyclescheme has become widely known over the last couple of years as the UK’s leading provider of tax-free bikes under the government’s Cycle to Work intiative. In December 2009 the company was rated as the UK’s fastest growing, by the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, and in May 2010 they won a Smarta 100 award. Loft has been deeply involved in helping the company achieve this success, providing bespoke technology, business automation and strategic direction that enabled them to grow from £0.3 to £22 million between 2006 and 2008.

iGo is a new offering from Cyclescheme that enables people to buy gift vouchers online, which then be can spent at any of 1,600 independent bike stores around the country.

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Sage 200 integration for Cyclescheme

Pushing on with our end-to-end automation of Cyclescheme’s online business processes, we have just completed a full integration from their extranet to Sage 200. This is enabling the company to handle a rapidly growing volume of business as they continue to win accounts with some of the UK’s largest employers. They will be able to process accounts in minutes, rather than hours, and with less risk of manual error.

Cyclescheme provides the government’s Cycle to Work scheme, which allows anyone with a job to purchase a bike through theier employer tax-free, which saves around half the cost for many people. This works on a voucher system, which would traditionally be admin-intensive, but we have been working with the company since they launched four years ago, using the web to automate each step of their business as they grow.

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