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Crisis Square Mile Run launch

Social campaign platform to support effective fundraising – integrated with Virgin Money.

We have just lauched a new social site for Crisis’ annual Square Mile Run, which will be on 7-8 June this year. The site is designed to support runners in their fundraising, and encourage them to aim to raise a target £200.

Over the last few years the event has continued to be popular with runners, but the average amount of money they have been raising has significantly decreased. Reversing this trend is the primary reason for the site.

Our solution integrates with Virgin Money Giving to automatically display the amount raised by each fundraiser on a goal chart, so visitors can see how much each runner has raised and who has reached their goal. It also displays the total amount raised, in brings in social media features to support viral marketing for the event.

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Great socks for runners, by runners

High-end ecommerce, social strategy and website for this upcoming sportswear brand.

This month we are particularly excited to announce our launch of, a thoroughly modern, social, high-end ecommerce strategy and website for this upcoming sportswear brand.

RunBreeze is owned by two fanatical runners, and their business is to design, manufacture and sell stylish, practical gear for other serious runners. The market is dominated by just a couple of – day we say it – dowdy big players, whose digital strategies are firmly rooted in the early 2000s.

So we decided early on to help RunBreeze make their mark as a start-up with a smart, interactive and highly social brand model that champions the founders and their relentless enthusiasm alongside the technical nitty-gritty and production quality of their products.

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Homeless World Cup Rio 2010: the developer’s report

Loft’s Andreas Jansson (far right) headed over to the Homeless World Cup tournament in Rio this year, to help ensure the massive annual live reporting operation ran smoothly. Andreas writes…

I just got back from 10 days on what could have been an amazingly relaxing holiday on Copacabana Beach, had it not been for the 8th Homeless World Cup, where I was in charge of ensuring that the website was working, up to date, kept relevant and bug-free.

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Homeless World Cup 2010 redesign

A brand new website with live media and social operations for a global social enterprise.

After six months of tough business strategy, planning, design and development, we have launched a brand new site for the Homeless World Cup, just in time for 2010’s international tournament in Rio. The objectives of this new launch have been wide ranging and ambitious. And so they should be: 64 nations and more than 30,000 homeless players are involved in the event every year, which in itself is immense.

At the heart of our strategy is the idea that the Homeless World Cup is built on communities, and the site is designed to drive this by integrating social media at every level, from the home page onwards. Visitors, players, partners and others can interact and share ‘stuff’ in a wide range of different ways, while individual nations have the tools to manage their own microsites within the main website.

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