New launches

Childcarescheme: a big app for tax savings

New online service and web apps for SMEs to offer easy-to-use, tax-saving childcare scheme.

We’ve just launched a brand new platform and online service for our long-standing client, Cyclescheme, who we have helped to become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies over the last five years.

Our new platform adapts the light-touch, fully-automated, self-service approach to employee benefits that we have devised with Cyclescheme over the last few years, for the childcare sector. This sector is thought to be worth about £5.5bn a year in total, rising to perhaps £7.2bn by 2015, and currently saves parents about £200 million a year.


The project brings together ideas, design, systems and technology we have already created for the company, with technology and business processes from the Grass Roots Group’s market-leading care-4 programme, to enable SMEs to easily get a childcare benefits programme in place for their staff.

We have also created an elegant website to promote the service, an application for employers to register and operate a scheme, and an another application for employees to manage their savings and payments.

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Childcarescheme savings calculator

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Crisis Square Mile Run launch

Social campaign platform to support effective fundraising – integrated with Virgin Money.

We have just lauched a new social site for Crisis’ annual Square Mile Run, which will be on 7-8 June this year. The site is designed to support runners in their fundraising, and encourage them to aim to raise a target £200.

Over the last few years the event has continued to be popular with runners, but the average amount of money they have been raising has significantly decreased. Reversing this trend is the primary reason for the site.

Our solution integrates with Virgin Money Giving to automatically display the amount raised by each fundraiser on a goal chart, so visitors can see how much each runner has raised and who has reached their goal. It also displays the total amount raised, in brings in social media features to support viral marketing for the event.

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Grant Thornton’s Business Advice Challenge

Viral, user-generated video campaign with integrated social media for Grant Thornton.

Hot on the heels of our awarding-winning website for Grant Thornton’s massive annual graduate recruitment drive, we have launched a user-gen video/social media campaign to help the company engage with the smartest potential candidates online.

Visitors are invited to post a short video to Grant Thornton’s Facebook wall answering a pertinent, challenging business questions of the week. They then need to encourage their friends to Like their entry, with the most-Liked videos winning high-value prizes such as a weekend trip to the Wireless Festival in London.

Facebook automatically posts entrants’ videos to their friends’ news feeds, and when a friend Likes their entry, it is then posted on in turn to their friend’s friends’ news feeds. This creates a viral voting and awareness mechanism, enabling the campaign to reach an ever-expanding audience.

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Great socks for runners, by runners

High-end ecommerce, social strategy and website for this upcoming sportswear brand.

This month we are particularly excited to announce our launch of, a thoroughly modern, social, high-end ecommerce strategy and website for this upcoming sportswear brand.

RunBreeze is owned by two fanatical runners, and their business is to design, manufacture and sell stylish, practical gear for other serious runners. The market is dominated by just a couple of – day we say it – dowdy big players, whose digital strategies are firmly rooted in the early 2000s.

So we decided early on to help RunBreeze make their mark as a start-up with a smart, interactive and highly social brand model that champions the founders and their relentless enthusiasm alongside the technical nitty-gritty and production quality of their products.

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Grant Thornton: Rethinking digital in graduate recruitment

Award-winning digital strategy and website for this Times Top 100 graduate recruiter.

We have just launched a brand new site and digital/social strategy for Grant Thornton, one of world’s leading accountancy firms and a Times Top 100 Graduate Employer in the UK.

Each year, the firm runs a huge campaign to attract the cream of British talent for some 300 graduate, student and school leaver roles. This year, digital will form the backbone of the campaign.

Attracting the best people is vital to the companies’ continued success, yet most sites in this field are desperately out-of-touch – especially for a target market of digital natives who spend many hours using social media each day. So we decided to take a refreshingly different, modern and commercially well-considered approach, working alongside the lead and creative agency for the campaign, McQueen.

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