New launches

Crisis Investors goes live

We have just launched a brand new site for the Crisis Investors campaign for social investment.

Recent research by Oxford Economics shows that for every £1 donated to Crisis, through their work the charity in fact saves society £3.36 in longer term costs and taxation. This is genuinely incredible figure. If you could put money into any private investment and get 330% back, everyone would be at it. As a social investment, you may not see the result as a personal profit, but society as a whole benefits to the same tune. It is hard to over-estimate how valuable this research is a time of cuts: it demonstrates to government and individual donors that supporting Crisis is not just ethically sound, it is also financially astute.

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iGo Gift Vouchers launched

Brand new platform and website to promote, issue and process digital gift vouchers for sports kit

Last week we launched iGo Gift Vouchers – an exciting new website and platform for our colleagues at Cyclescheme.

Cyclescheme has become widely known over the last couple of years as the UK’s leading provider of tax-free bikes under the government’s Cycle to Work intiative. In December 2009 the company was rated as the UK’s fastest growing, by the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, and in May 2010 they won a Smarta 100 award. Loft has been deeply involved in helping the company achieve this success, providing bespoke technology, business automation and strategic direction that enabled them to grow from £0.3 to £22 million between 2006 and 2008.

iGo is a new offering from Cyclescheme that enables people to buy gift vouchers online, which then be can spent at any of 1,600 independent bike stores around the country.

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Homeless World Cup 2010 redesign

A brand new website with live media and social operations for a global social enterprise.

After six months of tough business strategy, planning, design and development, we have launched a brand new site for the Homeless World Cup, just in time for 2010’s international tournament in Rio. The objectives of this new launch have been wide ranging and ambitious. And so they should be: 64 nations and more than 30,000 homeless players are involved in the event every year, which in itself is immense.

At the heart of our strategy is the idea that the Homeless World Cup is built on communities, and the site is designed to drive this by integrating social media at every level, from the home page onwards. Visitors, players, partners and others can interact and share ‘stuff’ in a wide range of different ways, while individual nations have the tools to manage their own microsites within the main website.

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T3 Awards website launch

We’ve just launched a brand-new website for the T3 Awards. These key industry awards, now in their third year, are hotly contested amongst the technically savvy gadgerati and showcase the best in technology. The site needs to attract as many votes as possible and this year T3 wanted to build on past success by creating a fully immersive, sophisticated, intelligent and entertaining Awards site.

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Digital Artist Awards 2009

We’ve just launched an exciting and colourful new website for the Digital Artist Awards 2009, sponsored by Intel and organised by the publisher of Computer Arts, .net, 3DWorld and ImagineFX magazines.

It’s a great honour for us to be invited to build the site for this high profile industry event. Pro and amateur designers, animators and FX supremos worldwide can register and upload their favourite works, together details about how they created them and team photos. There’s even a ‘Rising Stars’ category open to under-16’s, and a range of inspirational live masterclasses, kicked off by Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame.

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Sage 200 integration for Cyclescheme

Pushing on with our end-to-end automation of Cyclescheme’s online business processes, we have just completed a full integration from their extranet to Sage 200. This is enabling the company to handle a rapidly growing volume of business as they continue to win accounts with some of the UK’s largest employers. They will be able to process accounts in minutes, rather than hours, and with less risk of manual error.

Cyclescheme provides the government’s Cycle to Work scheme, which allows anyone with a job to purchase a bike through theier employer tax-free, which saves around half the cost for many people. This works on a voucher system, which would traditionally be admin-intensive, but we have been working with the company since they launched four years ago, using the web to automate each step of their business as they grow.

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